Our Favorite Bubble Tea in Boston

We love bubble tea!Here are our top Boston bubble teas and other innovative beverages. This list is expanding, so if you have a favorite place we haven't checked out yet, please let us know.
Boba bubble tea boston

The first thing to note is that bubble tea can be VERY sweet and also caffeinated. So make sure you specify if you want full, half, 50%, or even 30% sugar and also if you want “less” ice so that you don’t freeze that enamel off (and also maybe get a teeny bit more drink while you’re at it.)



Abide (Central Square, Cambridge)


This place has Boston bubble tea elevated to the next level with hand-crafted colorful mocktails made from fresh fruit, a variety of fine teas, and even punches mixed with seltzer. Some of them are extra sweet, so make sure to tell them how you like it. We love visiting Abide on our Central Square Food and Mural Arts Tour!



New Dong Khanh (83 Harrison Street, Chinatown)


I really love it here, and especially the AVOCADO bubble tea. It’s super creamy and thick and less sweet than you’d expect. Another favorite is their mango smoothie/bubble tea. You can stay awhile and order Vietnamese food like yummy pho, or maybe wander over to Boston Common and up through Charles Street and go shopping while sipping.



Kung Fu Tea (Various locations including Davis Square, Somerville)


These guys have perfected the operations. They have a really creative menu including lactose-free options and everything is well annotated. Definitely get half or even 30% sugar if you don’t want it to feel like dessert. Our favorites include: mango, lychee, strawberry lemon.



Vinaan Cafe (Lowell, MA)


It’s worth the trip up to Lowell, and on our Saturday tour we stop at Vinaan Cafe which is an authentic Vietnamese cafe started by a UMass Lowell alum Sally. We are in awe of her drink expertise, and we also trust that she uses only the highest quality ingredients.



TBaar (1038 Beacon Street, Brookline)


Okay so the novelty of split cups with two different beverages is still not wearing off on us! They’re friendly here and they even do half frozen drinks if that’s your jam. Plus you can stop in here on your way to watch the Boston Marathon, or Bird here and back. What more could you want?



Dado Tea (50 Church Street, Cambridge)


If you’re not feeling like something indulgent, Dado Tea is a great place to go to not feel guilty about your choices. They’re really into the healthy way of life, which we appreciate, and their bubble tea selection includes delicious herbal and healthy teas including jasmine, green, matcha, and rooibos. And if you don’t do milk, they’ll happily sub in an alternative.


So that’s our round-up of our favorite Bubble Tea spots in Boston. What did we miss?


Check out more Off The Beaten Path Food Tours info in our Blog and also our Tour Calendar for more information. We run food tours and chocolate tours weekly – check us out!

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