#WednesdayWisdom Silent Movies!

One of our favorite places in Davis Square is the Somerville Theater. When Sam and I were thinking about moving closer to the Square, we envisioned walks to the theater on wintry days that would otherwise have been spent at home.
Somerville Theater

On the Davis Square Food Tour, we often meet in front of the Theater. It was built in 1914 by Joseph Hobbs — you can still see the words “Hobbs Building” on the outside. Originally the building had a 1,200 seat theater, a bowling alley, billiards, a cafe, and meeting hall and dance floor!

The Theater offers a really cool Silent Movie series. Jeff Rapsis is a musical genius, and he plays live music to accompany silent movies at the Somerville Theater at least once a month. We’ve seen incredibly funny Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton films among others. The next “Silents Please” is listed on the Somerville Theater website – check it out!

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