Boston Staycation: Take a Food or Chocolate Tour!

Are you a curious person who likes to explore your own backyard? Interested in local history? Most importantly do you want to try some delicious food? Maybe you used to live in these neighborhoods years ago but want to check out how it's changed.
A large group of people gather inside a restaurant as seen on Off the Beaten Path Food Tours' Davis Square Food Tour.

Or maybe you’re new to town or always wanted to visit that one city across the river or down the Pike but never got there. Many of our guests have lived in the neighborhoods where we tour but haven’t been to more than half of the places we take them to and certainly haven’t researched the people behind the restaurants or gone past their regular order.

Our food tours and chocolate tours are built by locals for locals and tourists alike. So if you have a friend in town, they’ll have fun as well, and we can tell them all kinds of Boston facts.

​Our food tours and chocolate tours both cover the history of the area, with our food tours being 2-3 hours and going more in depth into the neighborhood history and our chocolate tours being 90 minutes and going more in depth into the history of chocolate.

Our tours stop at between 5 to 7 places and are almost all local, independent small businesses that are not chain restaurants and are often owned by individuals who grew up in the communities where they work.

We are committed to offering you a diversity of food amounting to a satisfying lunch and going behind the scenes whenever possible to speak with the owners and learn more about the why behind their unique concepts.

​You’ll also get to meet other guests, tourists and locals alike, and be accompanied by a friendly and knowledgeable local guide. And unlike other food tour companies, we will take two guests around if you’re the only ones to sign up. So thanks for supporting our local Massachusetts economy and small businesses – we look forward to meeting you soon and hope you join us time and time again!

Check out our TOUR CALENDAR to book your experience!

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