Guest Blog Feature: ​Life as a Maven’s Top 10 Places to Visit in Lowell MA

We are excited to start a new Off The Beaten Path Food Tours Lowell, MA Food Tour later this year. In today's blog post, we sat down with Timna from the blog Life as a Maven to learn more about her great city, Lowell. Timna is based in Lowell and has lots of expert tips on where to go when visiting this vibrant area. Learn more from Life as a Maven:
A group of people stand outside Gormely's Cafe in Lowell, MA. 

Lowell is one place that never gets boring. From its rich, cultural history to the culinary diversity there is much that this city offers. Living here for so long I have had a chance to explore and learn about the city and sharing this with you is truly an honor. The more people that understand what Lowell has to offer in terms of adventure the more we are here to welcome you and help you along those adventures.

Being a food, travel & lifestyle blogger I pride myself on knowing a little bit of everything about my city yet still know I have much to learn. What I can share with you is my love for the culinary scene here in Lowell and some history gems that you may not know.


Jack Kerouac


Kerouac is a well-known figure throughout America and cool thing is, he is from Lowell. Many of his writings were about his childhood in Lowell and his childhood friends. Lowell is big on celebrating this history and every so often something pops up celebrating him. You can check out some if his works in a memorial to him at Jack Kerouac Park & something pretty cool happening at the Merrimack Repertory Theater in 2019,  is  a production based on his book “The Haunted Life.


Lowell Folk Festival


Lowell is home to the largest free folk festival in the United States. This festival happens every year typically the last weekend in July and it keeps getting better every year. Performers from all the over the world come to perform in Lowell. It is a beautiful experience to see people from all over the world come to this city and perform their hearts and souls out for the Lowell Folk Festival. Not only that but the food kiosks have some of the best food around and sometimes you can only get them once a year! From African food to Filipino food we have it all!


Red Rose | Khmer Restaurant


Lowell is home to the second largest Cambodian population in the United States. Along with other cultures this brings this incredible culinary diversity I spoke about above. Khmer food is one of my favorite cuisines to eat in Lowell and one of my favorite restaurants is Red Rose. Some of my favorite dishes include Kathiew which is a soup with a rich, savory broth and Beef Loc Lac a typical Cambodian dish.


Mill No. 5


Lowell has its own year around farmer’s market that happens every Sunday at Mill No. 5. Not only that but several shops make their home there from vintage clothing to a cheese monger. We also have a newly added soda fountain where you can get milkshakes and sodas and Luna Theater where you can watch indie films, new films and more. It is truly a Lowell treasure.


Whams Cafe | Kenyan Restaurant


Truly a hidden gem, this little cafe located on the “other side of the bridge” as we like to say and is a warm, hearty place to eat some good food. From samosas, to stews, to chapati -everything I have ever had there has been fresh and tasty. If you want a place that feels like your mom’s house Whams Cafe is the place to go.


Lowell National Historical Park | US Park Service


Did you know that we have a National Historical Park? Many of our parks are part of the NPS or National Park Service and there are so many activities going on from boat tours to exploring the walkways. One of my favorite experiences was Yoga at one of the parks run by the NPS. Truly an experience.


El Potro Mexican Bar & Grill | Mexican Restaurant


The story of El Potro is a unique one. They have been part of the Lowell culinary scene for five years and have made their mark for sure. They engage with their patrons, they support the community and other local businesses + they have delicious food. Every time I have ever gone ( which is quite a few times) I have not been disappointed. It is great to have businesses in Lowell who love the city and really support its success! (Off The Beaten Path Food Tours side-note: We are lucky to stop at El Potro’s Somerville location on our Union Square Food Tour!)

A large glass case in a cafe holds several racks of chocolates. 

Olympos Bakery | Mediterranean


Lowell has a rich Greek culture. Like many other immigrants, Greek immigrants made their way to Lowell and started businesses within their communities. One of these businesses was Olympos Bakery. This small nook has been around for over 100 years (since 1915) and has some of the best pastries I have ever tried. They also serve a variety of food items and every time you walk in, the smell of that food? Food heaven!


Merrimack Repertory Theater 


We have a pretty stellar theater in Lowell called the Merrimack Repertory Theater. With phenomenal productions and a goal to engage, especially the youth of Lowell they are a vital part of the community. I have been to several plays and they are a definitely a must visit. You can check out their current plays and future plays on their website! 


Galeria Café | Venezuelan Restaurant


While they may be last on this list they are certainly not least. One of my favorite cafes in Lowell they bring the variety and flavor of Venezuela in the form of music and food to its patrons. Family owned and run, this cafe is rich in its history and food. Offering everything from coffee to hot meals and everything in between. Your palate will thank you for stopping by Galeria Cafe!

I hope to write again soon for you all and I hope you truly enjoyed the snippet of Lowell I offered you here.Best, Life as a Maven 
Thank you, Life as a Maven, for this incredible tips on Lowell! Book one of our Lowell Food Tours today!

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